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Photobooth is a Must

The Photobooth is a quirky addition to weddings and in fact to any other celebration. All it takes is a mesmerising backdrop and some quirky props, to make your friends and family members click fun photos of themselves and maybe carry them home after the wedding as memories. There is no doubt a photographer who is doing his best to capture moments from the wedding but his hands might be full or the Photobooth idea might just be more fun than normal photography. Let your guests say cheese!

Call the Magician

There is no human who does not find magicians fun! You heard us. From a kid of 5 to your uncle who might be 55 years old, everybody enjoys a magic show and to build the fun and mystery at the wedding party, you can include a magician in your itinerary for the evening. Let the man pull out some burgers from the inside of his hat or some flowers out of your friend's ears and make the crowd break into squeals of laughter and awe!

Stand-up Comedian

Stand-up comedy is a trending entertainment for weddings these days. Be it on the eve of your Sangeet or the reception party, you can call for a stand-up comedian to make your evening an unforgettable and jaw-hurting (for all the good reasons of course) affair! You will have to consider your guests before you pick this as your wedding entertainment idea because the thin line between funny and derogatory is often mistaken and it might be offensive for the guests.

Awards for The Guests

Which true blue Indian does not love an award night? Make your wedding night a stardust one with special awards. Get your speech game on and make sure you include everyone - from the best dressed to your best man and that colleague without whom the office feels empty. The awards need not be great gifts, it could be as simple as a flower bouquet or a collection of dry fruits, chocolates and so on. This will be a great wedding entertainment idea as long as you cover everyone on the list!

Casino & Cards

A little game of Teen Patti or Roulette never hurts! Give your guests the experience of Vegas and Texas right there at your wedding by setting up some casino games for them to enjoy. Keep tokens to make sure nobody ends up losing a lot of money and return home sad from your celebration. So while you spend time talking to your caterer or your wedding planner for some last-minute changes, your guests can have a gala time!

Quiz it Up

A quiz is a classic game at any wedding celebration that never fails. Make questions about your cousins, friends and other family members and let the crowd scream some guesses. You can even create a presentation with photographs from your childhood and include the childhood photographs of your guests as well. Let everyone keep guessing who is who! This is sure to be a lot of fun and you will enjoy it to the fullest while you keep everyone entertained.

Games for Days

A wedding without games sounds incomplete. There a lot of games like a giant Jenga or a giant snakes and ladders that can be included in your wedding as an entertainment idea. Your friends and family can spend hours trying not to throw the Jenga tower and get super competitive for the games making it all the more fun and happening!

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