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Aerial photography is the process of taking photographs from an aerial perspective, typically from an aircraft, drone, or other aerial platform. Aerial photography has a wide range of applications, including surveying land and mapping areas, monitoring wildlife and natural resources, capturing images for advertising and media, and supporting various industries such as agriculture, forestry, and construction.

Aerial photography requires specialized equipment and techniques. Photographers may use traditional film cameras or digital cameras equipped with high-quality lenses and image stabilization technology. They may also use drones, which offer the ability to capture high-resolution images and video from a variety of angles and at relatively low cost.

Aerial photographers need to be skilled in navigating and operating aircraft or drones, as well as in selecting and using the appropriate camera equipment and settings. They also need to be familiar with safety protocols and regulations related to aerial photography.

Aerial photography can provide unique and valuable perspectives that are not possible from ground level. It can be a challenging and rewarding field for photographers who are interested in exploring new angles and capturing the world from above.

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