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360 BTL services encompass a range of strategies and tactics that can be tailored to meet the specific needs and goals of a business. These services may include :

In-store promotions: These activities, which can include point-of-sale displays, product demonstrations, and special offers, are designed to drive sales and increase brand awareness within a retail setting.

Direct mail campaigns: Direct mail marketing involves sending targeted promotional materials, such as brochures or coupons, directly to the homes of potential customers.

Experiential marketing events: These events, which can range from product launches and trade shows to pop-up shops and interactive brand experiences, are designed to engage consumers in a hands-on way and create a memorable brand impression.

Product demonstrations: Product demonstrations allow potential customers to try out a product or service for themselves, providing a firsthand experience that can help drive sales and build brand loyalty.

Overall, 360 BTL services can be an effective way for businesses to reach specific audiences and drive tangible results, whether that be increased sales, brand awareness, or customer loyalty.

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